Altronix SMP7CTX<br>Power Supply

The Altronix SMP7-CTX High Current Power Supply/Charger is specifically designed to provide the power needed by the most demanding security and access control applications. It will provide 6 amps continuous output power at 12VDC and 24VDC.

Product Features

  • Switch selectable 12VDC or 24VDC output.
  • Input 115 VAC 60Hz, 1.5 amp.
  • 6 amps continuous supply current.
  • Filtered and electronically regulated output.
  • Built-in charger for sealed lead acid or gel type batteries.
  • Automatic switchover to stand-by battery when AC Fails.
  • Thermal and short circuit protection with auto reset.
  • Fused battery protection (circuit breakers available).
  • AC input and DC output LED indicators.
  • Includes battery leads.
  • Enclosure dimensions: 15.5 L x 12 W x 4.5 H

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