A Brief Discussion About Bandwidth

A brief discussion of Bandwidth: To use a device to broadcast video over a network, a certain amount of bandwidth is required. Live video uses up a lot of space on a network. Different types of networks allow for better or worse capacity, affecting how "watchable" the video will be. For you non-technical folks, think of it like a highway. Any given highway will be able to accommodate a certain number of normal sized cars per hour. To increase it's capacity, there are a number of approaches you can take:

Make the highway wider.
Straighten out the curves.
Eliminate traffic lights.
Raise the speed limit.
Make the cars smaller.
Space the cars closer together.
Have each car carry more passengers.

You get the idea! There are a lot of things that effect traffic flow. The same is true in a computer network. The way different types of information is transmitted (pictures, text, audio), the speed of the transmission over various parts of the network, the number of users at any particular time...again, you get the picture. What all this means is we can give you some guidelines about network requirements, but you should consult an I.T. (Information Technology) or I.S. (Information Systems) professional to judge how to best fill your needs.

That said, here's a little basic guide:

Note: ANY Telephone Modem connection with speed of 56K or less will be too slow to be useful for live video-over-IP, and is not recommended.

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