Click to enlargeComnet CNFE2EOC 2 Ethernet Channels over<br>2 Twisted Pair or 2 Coaxial Cables Unit

 The ComNet™ CNFE2EOC is a modem that supports two Ethernet channels over either two twisted pair or two coaxial cables using VDSL2 technology, at data rates of up to 90 Mbps. Ethernet data may be transmitted over a telephone-grade twisted copper pair, legacy serial cabling, or standard 75 ohm coaxial cable circuits, making this unit ideal for those applications where it is desired to utilize an existing installed base of copper wiring for Ethernet transmission. These modems are the perfect solution for upgrading a legacy twisted copper or coaxial cable plant for use with Ethernet, when compared to the significant costs of installing new network cabling. The fastest usable data rate is automatically selected, depending upon the transmission distance and cable quality. The unique ComFit package configuration provides either stand-alone or card cage mounting. LED status indicators are provided for rapidly ascertaining the operating status of the modem and the link.

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