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The Camera Master II is a digital, hand-held, battery operated meter that measures six different characteristics of any video signal. Use it for fast and accurate set-up of any video source.

  • SYNC (40 IRE Units) Use this to check for correct end of line terminations and camera sync output level.
  • LUMINANCE (100 IRE Units) Enables the camera Iris to be accurately adjusted to the correct brightness setting for uniform level and to prevent DVR overload.
  • COMPOSITE (140 IRE Units) Measures the peak to peak level of the video signal. 140 IRE Units = One Volt of video.
  • COLOR BURST (40 IRE Units) Measures color burst amplitude on the Back Porch of video. Used to measure cable slope loss at high frequency and adjust video amplifiers.
  • FOCUS Used to adjust camera for best focus on scene. Maximum meter reading occurs at sharpest focus. The digital readout eliminates subjective guess work.
  • GROUND-LOOP This measures the troublesome 60Hz ground loop voltage that causes Bars on the video picture. You can use this measurement to verify that no ground loop exists in the video before you leave the job.

    The Sync, White, and Composite amplitude measures the sync-towhite ratio and the overall video waveform amplitude on any part of an NTSC CCIR (CCTV) or PAL video system, including camera origination, video levels in Distribution Amplifiers, Video Switchers, CCTV installations, Studios, Microwave and Satellite transmission systems. The hand-held battery operated CAMERA MASTER will allow you to take video measurements anywhere. You will be able to trouble-shoot camera installations and do the job faster with confidence.

    Amplitude -10-100 IRE Units (40 Nominal)
    Accuracy -1% +/- one digit
    Type of measurement -Sync to Back Porch

    Amplitude -0-199 IRE Units (100 Nominal)
    Accuracy - 1% +/- one digit
    Video content -Luminance, (I.R.E. Filter)
    Type of measurement -Peak White to Back Porch
    Control -Camera Iris (Iris Control)

    Amplitude - 0-199 IRE Units (140 Nominal)
    One Volt Peak-to-Peak - 140 IRE Units
    Accuracy - 1% +/- one digit
    Type of measurement - Sync to Peak White

    Amplitude - 0-100 IRE Units (40 Nominal)
    Color Burst frequency - 3.579 MHz (CCTV / NTSC)
    Accuracy - 1% +/- one digit
    Correction Control -Cable Slope Equalizer

    Maximum sharpness -Maximum Number Display (focus Ring)

    GROUND LOOP:- 0-1.99 Volts (Ground Shield Measure)

    Video Standard - CCTV, NTSC, Composite
    Impedance - Hi-Z (Loop-through Bridging)
    Connectors - 2 BNC (Female) Loop-through

    Battery Type - 9 Volt Alkaline or Ni-cad
    Ni-cad Charger - Sold Separately
    Automatic Shut-off - 2-3 Minutes ( 2 Min. Typical)
    Low Battery Indicator - Rapid Flashing LCD

    Size - 4W. x 8L. x 2D.
    Material Housing - ABS
    Numeric Display - High 3-1/2 Digit LCD Display
    Measurement Selector - 5 Position Rotary Switch
    Tilt-Stand - Folding Wire Bail


  • Ni-Cad Battery and Charger for Camera Master

    Ni-Cad Battery and Charger for CM-1 & 2 Camera Master
    CM-1BAT $56.00
    Meter Carry Case for Camera Master

    Carry Case for CM-1 & 2 Camera Master, 7.5"W x 9"L x 3.5"D

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