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The TVP-20 and the RVP-20 are devices used to transmit two CCTV Camera signals over a single Coaxial Cable at the same time, in one direction or opposite directions. This system can be used to Add-On a second camera in an existing Coaxial camera system without the need to run additional cable. It can also be used to improve transmission of CCTV pictures over long cable runs. The system is simple to install and convenient. It will save you the expense of running a new cable back to the monitor point just to add one more camera to your system. Any video cable in your system can carry two video signals back to the monitor location.

The TVP-20 TRANSMITTER VIDEO-PLEXER is the transmitter module used to Encode and transmit the two video signals. Simply connect the two cameras to the input connectors, connect the power supply and use a single cable back to the monitor site.

The RVP-20 RECEIVER VIDEO-PLEXER is the receiver module used to receive and decode the two video signals. Simply connect the cable coming from the TVP-20 to the cable input connector, then take camera A and B outputs to your Quad, Switcher, Monitors, etc. Connect the power supply and you are ready to go. Power supply is included


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