Line Noise

What Is It?
The term "line noise" refers to random fluctuations - electrical impulses that are carried along with standard AC current. Turning on the florescent lights overhead, your refrigerator, laser printers, working near a radio station, using a power generator, or simply working during a lightning storm can all introduce line noise into your systems.

Ever notice the "snow" on your TV when you use a blender or a hair-dryer? Thatís line noise being sent back into your electrical system and up into your TV.

What Can It Do?
Line noise interference can result in many different symptoms depending on your particular situation. Noise can introduce glitches and errors into programs and files. Hard Drive components can be damaged. Televisions and computer monitors can display interference as "static" or "snow," and audio systems experience increased distortion levels.

What Can I Do?
Tripp Lite Surge Suppressors, Line Conditioners and UPS units include special noise filters that remove line noise. The amount of filtration is indicated in the technical specifications for each unit. Noise suppression is stated as Decibel level (Db) at a specific frequency (KHz or MHz). The higher the Db, the greater the protection. Be wary of "surge/noise suppressors" that donít provide this information!

Isobar surge suppressors take noise suppression to a new level with their exclusive Isolated Filter Banks. These special banks prevent line noise generated from one device from traveling through the surge suppressor to interfere with other connected equipment. So if you use a laser printer (a notorious source for line noise) you can connect it to the same Isobar that powers your computer without putting your equipment in danger.

Tripp Lite Isolators, with their Faraday Shield design provide true line isolation and exceptional line noise rejection - even at low frequencies where it is difficult to control. Isolators eliminate the need for costly rewiring or dedicated lines by providing clean, computer grade electrical current from even the "dirtiest" power.

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