Pelco DF5S Dome/Fixed In-ceiling Camera Mount <br>Short Back Box

The Pelco DF5 Series are low profile, fixed mount, discreet domes that can be installed in hard ceilings or standard 2' x 2' (60.96 x 60.96 cm) suspended ceilings. This compact dome requires only 2.75 inches of space above the ceiling for installation, making it ideal for applications where overhead ceiling space is minimal.

The DF5 Series is quick and easy to install and can be used in a variety of indoor applications. This lower cost in-ceiling dome cosmetically matches our Spectra(TM) dome, but does not contain the quick disconnect components of Spectra(TM). It is therefore not possible to mount a Spectra(TM) dome drive assembly into a DF5 dome. However, the DF5 can be integrated in an existing Spectra(TM) installation for overall aesthetic continuity.

The lower dome acrylic bubble is available in two standard colors, smoked (DF5S-0) and clear (DF5S-1), and special order chrome (DF5S-2) and gold (DF5S-3); the DFS5-1 clear dome includes an opaque liner to preserve a discreet appearance. In addition, the DF5 Series has a versatile fixed camera mount that allows for 360 degree camera positioning.

Also available are models with either color (DF5C) or monochrome (DF5M) 1/2-inch CCD camera without lens. (Ask us about ImagePaking a Pelco purchased lens with your order.)

An optional aluminum ceiling panel (SD5-P) is available for suspended ceiling applications.

Product Features

* Indoor Applications
* 5.9-inch Acrylic Bubble
* Plenum-rated Back Box
* Cosmetically Matches Spectra(TM) Dome
* Low Cost In-ceiling Dome for Applications Requiring Fixed Camera Mount
* For use in Hard Ceiling or Suspended Ceiling Applications
* Very Easy In-Ceiling Installation Requiring Only 2.75-inch Space Above Ceiling and 3.25-inches Below
* Camera and Lens can be Mounted on Inside or Outside of Fixed Camera Mount
* Smoked or Clear Lower Dome (Chrome or Gold are special order)
* Attractive/Discreet Mounting System Perfect for Retail, Gaming and Business Environments

Maximum Camera and Lens Combination: 5"(L)x2.75"(W)x2.75"(H) including BNC connector

Spec Sheet in PDF format



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