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The CPI-VB-2 Video Balun Transceiver is a video transmission device that provides a low cost means of sending live video over unshielded twisted pair point-to-point wiring for distances of up to 1,000 feet black & white and 600 feet color. This unit is equipped with and screw terminals and BNC cord for easy connection. The A basic system uses two (2) Units, one on each end of a twisted pair of wires. The unit is intended for use over existing in-house telephone wiring, CAT5 or other twisted pair cable runs to provide a convenient, cost-effective alternative to coax. Must be purchased in pairs.



Size .75"H x .75"W x 20"D(expanded)
Power Requirements None
Video Input 1 Vpp composite video
Video Attenuation 0.5dB maximum
Connector Type Male BNC Connector w/7" slinky cord
Twisted Pair Connection Screw Terminals


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